Denne lille sitter mener, at hun er den bedste pik sutter i verden. Men hun har aldrig prøvet en pik lige så gammel som bedstefaren Buck’s pik. Se som Sindee klare voksen testen

The Sitter and The Boogeyman starring Jessica Jones:
Jessica heard the weird noises coming from the closet and thought it might have been the dog stuck inside. Hadn't anybody ever told her about the boogeyman? And if they had, did they mention his big, hard, throbbing cock?

With the Sitter starring Cosette:
Well now this sitter fucker has done it! His wife has left him because he's fucking his babysitter. But her pussy is so tight, and sweet, and young.

Creepy Uncle Harry starring Brandy Bates:
Brandy felt really bad about quitting her sitting job but she had to. The eoman's cousine was just so creepy. The way he would listen to her use the bathroom. Then that night creepy uncle Harry came to visit her. And he brought with him with to creep on that little babe.